What’s simple and easy for one may be unrealistic for another. I would think it depends on each individuals skills and levels of technology expertise.

Some well know ways to earn money thru the internet and some not so well known are:

Sell on eBay, Etsy, Facebook & Amazon.
Set up your own website to sell your products.
Become an Affiliate for eBay, Etsy & Amazon, Target, Wal Mart, etc and earn commissions by and sending traffic to them.
Write Articles & Content for Blogs & Websites.
Sell your services on Fiverr.



If you are computer & internet proficient;

Start a Blog & Monetize it.
Set up a Google Account and earn with Adsense.
Built and/or manage websites.
Become a Reseller for Web Hosting Companies.
Develop and use a email list.
Manage Social Media for companies.

There are many more ways to earn on the internet. Assess your skills and see where your strong points are and where you might market those skills.

Many start with eBay and move forward from there. Before you disregard this idea, realize that eBay has hundreds of thousands of users that earn from a few dollars a month to hundreds of thousands a year or possibly more.

The users that earn the bigger amounts on eBay don’t talk much about it. Its their business and most business owners are not going to tell the world their business plan. Plus, they don’t want competition cutting in on their profits.

Most people that know me, realize that I supplement my income thru internet ventures and many ask how I do it.

The simple answer is, I use a plan with systematic activity on a regular basis. I set up ventures that bring in small amounts each day, week, or month and keep adding to them. Some of these have grown and produce larger amounts as time has passed. Many of them have flopped and produce nothing. But, I enjoy the process and have learned a lot along with seeing some profits along the way.

As many do, I started with eBay and still sell items there along with items on my website and various other sites. When I find something that works, I keep doing it as long as its profitable.

I wont try to discuss everything I do here, I’ll just present some information on eBay. I will be posting some info on other ventures later. If you wish to see them just comment on this post or register as a user on this site to receive updates.

Back to eBay information:

Registration as a Buyer or Seller is FREE.

You can register to sell on the top left corner of the eBay Home Page.
Try It Here.

Currently Sellers receive 50 FREE Auction listings each month.

A eBay Store is also available for approx. $20 and up monthly.

A Selling Fee of approximately 10-12 % is charged only if your item sells.

You will need a PayPal account to collect your money if you sell on eBay. Get one here: PayPal.com

A PayPal Account is FREE to set up, but a small flat Fee per transaction is charged along with approx 3% of monies collected.

Overall, it will cost approximately 13-15% of total monetary sales amounts to sell an item on eBay and have Paypal collect the payments.

Many individual sells that do not readily have products available, start out by selling used books, clothing and/or unwanted household items. If you wish to get started on eBay, browse their categories and see what you have that might be of interest to buyers on eBay.

The best way to get started is to register as a buyer and seller and start learning by doing.

See my ebay store Discount Marble and Tile here.

Fell free to comment on this post and add your ideas to it.

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