Top 3 MUST HAVE Things of the Perfect Venue!
What is the most important qualifications your venue must have?

Recent surveys have revealed three things are most important to those searching for the perfect venue.

Whether your event is a wedding, reception, social gathering or corporate event, these three things are of great importance to most.

First: Location.. Location.. Location..

Location seems to be of the greatest importance. For those searching for a wedding venue, the location of theirs dreams is of the highest importance. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the closest, the most convenient or in the budget. It just needs to be what the bride really wants.

For a reception, it usually helps to be in a convenient location for all involved and in the allowed budget. Unless its a wedding reception of course and then these qualifications do not matter. Location just needs to fit within the brides dreams.

If your event is held at a out our town, expensive area, is hard to get to or requires expensive travel, you may be limiting the number of guests that will attend. Budget may not be of a concern to you, but it most certainly will be to some of your guests.

For a social gathering or social event, it certainly helps if location is convenient to all involved and if the location can provide all the amenities required for a successful event.


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