Planning Your Perfect Wedding

A Few Important Wedding Tips!!

Congratulations! It’s time to plan for the big event.

Are you using a wedding planner or event coordinator?

If so, they will handle many of the arrangement details for you, but you will still need to be involved and make the final decision.


When is the special day going to be?

Consult your fiancee and set a date.

An item to note, many event facilities cannot hold multiple event son the same date and they also book far out into the future. So, you may want to be flexible on the date to get the venue setting your heart desires.

Whats your budget?

Before setting one, consider what type of wedding you want and estimate some expenses to see if your budget will cover your first choices.

If your budget is unlimited, decide what area you want to have your wedding in and start researching the venues available.

If your budget is low, you may want to consider having the event at your place of worship or his.

Also, some events charge different fees for certain days or holidays. Ask if there are dates or days of the week or month that the fees are lower.

What setting or theme do you want your wedding to be in?

You have a tremendous number of choices. Again, budget will probably dictate what your choices will be. What type of weddings have you attended in the past? You may have attended a friends wedding and experienced something there you would like to incorporate into your wedding.

Some choices are:

Your home, patio or pool area.
Friends home.
Your local place of worship.
Landmark venue buildings.
Meeting hall or clubhouse.
Country Club.
Bed & Breakfast.
Sports Stadium, etc.

Who is going to perform your wedding ceremony?

You will want to check with them to be sure they are available on the date of your choice.

Are you going to have a reception?

If so, will it be at the same place the wedding ceremony if performed?

Some things to remember:

Don’t forget the honeymoon reservations. You will need to coordinate dates for all aspects of your wedding including timing for your and your finance, available venues, pastor or wedding official, family & friends travel, caterers, etc.

How many guests will you have?

Don’t forget your photographer to record and document the event.

You will need the appropriate venue and facilities to accommodate them.

Some things to consider about your venue.

Is it available on your choice of dates?
Check out the rental contract. Does it have restrictions that do not meet your approval?
Will it accommodate all your guests?
Will the colors of the venue complement your colors?
Does it have areas for all the aspects of your event? Wedding, Reception, dressing areas for all participants, bride, bridesmaids, groom and his attendants, etc.
What kind of restrictions does the venue have? Start & end times, deposit, security, etc.
Does it have in house catering and/or a bar?
What parking is available?
Is public transportation available?
Are there close food and lodging accommodations available for out of town guests?
What supplies, furnishing and equipment is included? Chairs, tables, linens, etc.

Now may be the time to turn to our friend Google and research some photographer blogs and event venue websites.

You can get a lot of information from venue and photographer websites and narrow your choices down before making a physical inspection of your first few choices.

Make a list of everything you want to include in your wedding before you start your research to put together your perfect wedding.

Don’t forget to involve all your friends, family and the future in-laws in your planning and the ceremonies. After all, you want to get off to pleasant start with all in your upcoming marriage.

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